Capital Alternatives was named in a High Court case that was brought forward by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) against a number of product providers, their promoters and receiving agents. We are now able to update investors as to the outcome of the Court.

The formal proceedings ended 25th October 2013 and the verdict was given Friday 14th February 2014. The High Court has ruled that two investment schemes, promoted by Capital Alternatives and a number of other firms, were collective investment schemes on a narrow legal interpretation. This means that they were promoted and operated without Financial Conduct Authority authorisation.

Capital Alternatives application for permission to appeal has already been granted.

Please click here for Capital Alternatives official response to the verdict. Please click here for an independent article on the verdict

Further update(s) will appear on as further information becomes available. Unfortunately due to the impact of the case we will no longer be able to respond to online queries and will be only updating investors via the website.

Thank you for your continued support.

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